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If you don't wanna do cyber, then yes. But if you are truly passionate about it, stick with it. Make sure to build projects, document on a blog. Hi all, I'm currently an IT Manager for a construction company but wanting to get into Cyber Security. I've done a 'Level 3 Support. As a person working in cyber security, it's not easy depends on which area of cyber security you join. 761624.ru it's cyber security. I am somebody who sucks at computers. Grew You always hear on reddit how 22 year olds get 6 figure jobs with. IT and then moved into cyber security. But the other 50 Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of August · Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of

You can get into cyber security with no experience, but it's hard. My recommendation is to apply to any cyber security job you are qualified for. via this, this type of person doesn't need to be asking on Reddit "how to get into Cyber Security". Reply reply. Award 0 awards. Share. r/CyberSecurityJobs: A forum for discussing cybersecurity career information. Hi all, I'm currently an IT Manager for a construction company but wanting to get into Cyber Security. I've done a 'Level 3 Support. It's not the certification, it's the experience and your timing. The market for cyber jobs kinda sucks right now and experience is the most. is cyber security worth it? Absolutely not. Everyone is using cyber security as a buzzword to get people in the door for their college. For many people it's because it appears to be an accessible career field with good prospects for consistent employment and good pay. That's. cyber security. I actually decided to take a hiatus from reddit subs for a while in order to not lose motivation. I know people can be. 58 votes, 67 comments. I am currently taking the Google career certification for cyber security and am really enjoying the class work. Cybersecurity now is not that different. It is still relatively new. The practices are all over the place. There are still shops that aren't.

Absolutely, cybersecurity presents an excellent career choice for the upcoming decade due to the ongoing opportunities available in the market. I blame the colleges that say "get a cyber security degree and make 6 figures within 5 years." People think they'll get a degree and immediately. It's because there's less technical knowledge needed to enter the feidl at large than other tech roles. And it's easy to get a laid back, non-. Not all cybersecurity jobs are on-call. Audit and compliance jobs aren't. Pen testers for the new application that your company bought or. I'm currently the Cyber Security Lead for a big tech firm, and have previously held roles as both the Enterprise Security Architect and Head of Cloud Security. If you starting out with no experience in IT I'd recommend getting COMPTIA A+ and/ITILv4 cert which will help you to land that first IT role. Plus whenever there's a Reddit post that asks what people do and what they earn, “cybersecurity, $k, easy job, millions of openings, hiring. reddit post about people getting burnt out. I want to pursue CyberSecurity, but I don't have a clear end goal as of right now. My next job I. The thing is, cybersecurity encompasses many fields in one: networking, cloud, Linux, Windows. It takes years to dominate all that.

You need a solid foundation in computer firmware, BIOS, operating system, software application, scanning software, as well as security. It's way less sexy than you see in movies. It's a lot of paperwork and documentation. Preparing for audits, reviewing vendor risk assessments. Just fyi, the job market for entry-level cybersecurity jobs is highly competitive. The "shortage" that everyone keeps hearing about is more at. Figure out who runs the security dept and suck up to them as much as you can. Learn and volunteer. Download and play with Kali, get onto the. Having a college degree is a good start, it'll get you through HR filters. Like u/Trick3ry said, cybersecurity is not entry level. Entry level.

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